Along with valuable, expert advice, we also provide the following:

- Pay & Display machines which can be cash only, card, contactless or number
plate recognition machines.

- Tickets for the machines and branded tariff boards.

- Signage designed and installed for your car parking, including MPH boards,
stop signs and one way signs, as an example.

- Staff to manage your car park & provide customer service to your visitors.
All car parking staff are DBS checked.

 - CAD drawings that comply with Health & Safety regulations, detailing the layout of a successful car park, providing enough spaces for your visitors, but also allowing for any disability bays, mother & baby parking and coach parks. We will also decide on the CAD drawings where to put appropriate floor markings, to assist with the flow of the traffic and highlight any public walkways or crossings.

Cash collection including a full and transparent audit trail of all
monies taken, plus banking of monies.

Marketing of your car park.

Lighting. Good lighting is essential when advertising a secure and safe environment. Car Parking Management will be able to inform you of the appropriate lighting necessary and will manage the process and implementation of this.

Advice on tariffs and opening times of your car park: could your car park be making you money 24/7?

We offer flexible contracts and can manage your car park for as little as 3 months.

Maintenance of your car park. Our attendants will ensure that your car park is a well maintained and tidy environment.

We can take care of all the finance, paperwork and council regulations that could be required for your car park.


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Car Parking Management Ltd work with insolvency practitioners, commercial agents, investors, and private land owners to establish temporary car parks as a source of revenue, whilst a site is undergoing sale, planning or re-development.

CPM is happy to operate on a formal lease, license or local arrangement, depending on the level of flexibility each client requires. To discuss a potential opportunity, or if you would like more information, please contact us below.

Tel: 0845 004 0879